Is Your Child Moving To A Charter School For The New Academic Year? 3 Tips To Help Them With The Transition

Deciding on what type of school your children should attend is no small task. Learn tips and advice as you go through the decision process.

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Is Your Child Moving To A Charter School For The New Academic Year? 3 Tips To Help Them With The Transition

22 May 2019
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Public charter schools open up new doors of opportunity for students to enjoy a quality education. There are many reasons why you may choose to move your child to a charter school for the upcoming year such as a desire to see them participate in a specific curriculum. You may also know that your child will do best with a different set of peers or teachers. While you may feel confident about your decision, your child may also be apprehensive about making the move. Before the new school year starts, you can use these tips to help your child manage the transition to a new academic environment.

Visit the School Together

Public charter school enrollments can sometimes be done online, but it is often necessary to visit the school to drop off copies of important documents such as your child's immunization records or transcript from their prior school. Take this opportunity to show your child around the school. Often, a member of the staff or student leader will be available to give you a tour. If you are unable to visit the school in person, then check out the website or request to have a copy of the school map sent to you. Your child can use this information to get acclimated to the school's overall layout.

Prepare Them for Any New Rules

Many charter schools establish their own code of conduct that may be different from what your child's other school had. For instance, some schools require students to adhere to a dress code that includes wearing a uniform. Others may have a different start and end time along with consequences for being tardy. Talk to your child about the things that are different this year. As you do, try not to emphasize the negative things. Instead, give things a positive spin such as mentioning how an earlier start time lets them get home sooner so they have more time for studying or extracurricular activities.

Highlight Your Child's Interests

During the charter school enrollment process, you may also be given information about special clubs or activities that are available. Help your child identify several activities that they would like to participate in such as a sport or band. Getting involved with an extracurricular activity from the very beginning helps your child be excited about going to their new school, and it will put them in the right place to meet friends with similar interests.

Helping your child succeed academically sometimes requires a change of schools. By working with your child, you can help them to relax and look forward to charter school enrollment.