Tips For Potty Training A Child In Daycare

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Tips For Potty Training A Child In Daycare

6 October 2016
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Potty training can be a difficult time for any parent, but it may be more difficult when they are home with you some days and away at daycare on other days. It's still possible to successfully potty train your child in this type of situation though. These tips will help you potty train a child that attends daycare.

Wait Until They Are Interested

It is important to wait to start potty training until the child is interested in using the potty on their own. This usually means that they know the feeling of having a wet or dirty diaper, and they are uncomfortable with having the diaper on when it is soiled.

Get your child in the mindset that using the potty is what you are supposed to do. Pick up some books at your local library about using the bathroom, and it will help send the message that it is the thing that big girls and boys do. They will eventually pick up on the idea that they should start using the potty too, and start showing interest in it.

Communicate With Daycare

It's a good idea to be on the same page with your daycare provider to make sure that you are both using similar techniques. For instance, they may take your child to use the potty at a specific part of the day, like after lunch or after they take a nap. Try to do the same schedule at home so that your child gets into a routine while they are learning.

If you make it a part of your routine at home to attempt using the potty first thing in the morning, your child will eventually learn to hold it over night as they learn they can use the potty immediately after they wake up. When you have a successful string of nights in a row without a wet diaper in the morning, you'll know that they are improving with their potty training skills.

Make The Switch To Underwear

Don't make the mistake of sending your child off to daycare with underwear only a few days after successfully using the potty. Come up with a plan with your daycare to decide how many accident free weeks need to go by until you consider them successfully potty trained and move to using underwear.

It will also help to let your daycare know how they should handle soiled underwear, since state laws may not allow them to clean them off. They can either toss them away, or put them in a sealed bag for you to wash when you take them home.

For more tips, speak with a daycare provider, such as Mountainside School.