Child Care Pick Up: Tips for Transitioning to the End of the Day

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Child Care Pick Up: Tips for Transitioning to the End of the Day

4 November 2016
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As a working parent, the last thing you want to do is struggle with your child at child care pick up time, especially if you have a cranky kid on your hands who doesn't want to leave yet. While your child may be happy to see you, he or she may sometimes rather stay with friends and play. To make the end-of-day pick up routine a little easier, consider implementing these helpful tips:

Chat with the Teacher

Before you engage with your child, take a moment to speak to the teacher to see how the day went. In addition to learning about your child's temperament on any given day, doing so gives you a time to connect with your child's care provider and let them know how much they are appreciated for their hard work.

Gather Belongings Before Getting Your Child

Before you enter the room to pick up your child, take a moment to gather everything your child needs and place it into their bag. To make the process even faster and simpler, invest in a nice backpack-type bag that you can quickly throw on your back. This will leave you hands-free just in case you need both hands to wrangle your little one.

Allow Enough Time for the Process

There's nothing more frustrating that being in a rush when you have a less than cooperative little one. Be sure you give yourself enough time for the entire pick up routine so that you do not become frustrated and take out your frustration on your child.

Give the Child Something to Look Forward to

In order to help inch your child out the door, give them an incentive or something fun to look forward to. This could be a stop at the park or a treat at the local drive-through window. You will find that this will not be necessary every day, but it can be a valuable trick to pull out on those days when pick up is not as smooth as usual.

Allow Time for Wrap Up

Finally, try not to rush your child to finish up an activity that he or she is trying to finish at the end of the day. Work in a few minutes at pick up time to allow your child to complete his or her block castle, finish up a coloring sheet, or to say their goodbyes to all of their teachers and friends. This will allow for a much smoother transition from school to home. 

Talk to a child care provider like The Cottage School for more advice on picking your child up at the end of the day.